The PLANETS pendant lamp.


PLANETS is a unique handmade ceiling lamps. It is made from a thin knife veneer wood, which is cut into strips, than each stripe is sanded and glued together in to the creative new solution design.


The unique lamp design is created in the shape of circle and the light is playing between the strips and shining through the thin veneer wood, creates a natural gamma of the colors.

  These design lamps are perfect balance between craftsmanship and modern lighting.


The PLANETS lamp will organically blend into a rustic environment as country house lighting as well as providing the essence of nature within city apartments as contemporary lighting.  It is popular lighting also for public areas created with sustainable approach. These natural lamps from Si-LIGHT will add fresh nature vibes for cafe or wine shop, they will be perfect lighting for restaurant.


The PLANETS collection consists pendant lamp. All lamps providing diffused lighting.


Lamps are designed and handmade exclusively by Si-LIGHT Let's Start To Shine.



SKU: PLAN 500/004
288,00 €Price
  • Dimensions

    Width: 500 mm
    Height: 500 mm
    Depth: 270 mm
    Weight: 0.5 kg


    knifed veneer wood 




    (Not Supplied)

    E27 / (E26 USA) - max. 60W


    Size:  445 mm x360mm x 200mm
    Weight: 1.770 kg


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Si-LIGHT is a fast-growing emerging northern European brand designing and producing an exclusive wood lamps delicately handcrafted by the most talented designers from Latvia, using for lighting fixture only the highest quality materials produced in Italy and Latvia.


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