LILLY is a pendant lamp.


LILLY is a unique handmade ceiling lamp. It is made from a thin oak wood, which is cut into thin strips, than each stripe is sanded and braided in to the creative new solution design.

The unique design of the lamp in the shape of a flower and its braiding make it a play of light, creating a dimension between light and space.


The elegant Si-LIGHT  LILLY lamp will delight those who wish to bring a cozy and warm feeling to their space. The lampshade not only perfectly fits into the home interior but also in public interior.


The LILLY collection consists from the large pendant lamp and the medium pendant lamp. All lamps providing diffused lighting.


Lamps are designed and handmade exclusively by Si-LIGHT 


SKU: LIL 1100/002
675,00 €Price
  • Dimensions

    Width: 1100 mm 
    Height: 300 mm
    Depth: 1100mm
    Weight: 0.9 kg 


    knifed veneer wood - black Ebano




    (Not Supplied)

    E27 / (E26 USA) - max. 60W


    850 mm x850mm x 500mm
    Weight: 3.5 kg